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Every day, countless people are stricken with spine injuries that they never expected and could not have prepared for. While some of these injuries may be minor, many are considered catastrophic, requiring intensive medical treatment and leaving victims with limitations that can last a lifetime.

Knowing the potential consequences of a spine injury is an essential part of understanding how to prevent them. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at how spine injuries are classified as catastrophic and what measures can be taken to avoid them in the first place.

Spine Injuries

Minor Spine Injuries

Spine injuries can be categorized as either “minor” or “catastrophic” based on their severity. Minor spine injuries typically include fractures, sprains, and strains of the neck and back muscles and ligaments. These injuries may cause pain and stiffness but usually resolve with rest, physical therapy, and medication.

Catastrophic Spine Injuries

In contrast, catastrophic spine injuries are often more serious and involve a permanent impact on the quality of life for victims. Examples include paralysis (inability to move certain parts of the body), traumatic brain injury, spinal cord damage, nerve damage, permanent loss of sensation in parts of the body, extreme pain, chronic headaches, or dizziness.

Avoiding Spine Injuries

In addition to understanding how spine injuries are classified as catastrophic, it’s important to recognize the ways in which they can be avoided. Taking steps such as wearing a seatbelt in a car, using appropriate safety equipment during sports activities, and properly lifting heavy objects can help prevent spine injuries from occurring.

Additionally, seeking medical treatment if pain or stiffness is experienced after an activity can often lead to an early diagnosis and successful treatment of minor conditions before they become severe.

If You’ve Suffered A Spine Injury, We Can Help

If you find yourself suffering from a spine injury that is considered catastrophic, it’s important to seek legal advice. The experienced personal injury attorneys at Goldenzweig Law Group, PPLC understand how to properly assess the extent of your injuries and pursue compensation on your behalf.

At Goldenzweig Law Group, PPLC, we specialize in helping clients with their personal injury claims related to spine injuries and other catastrophic events. Let our experienced attorneys fight for you!

Contact the experienced team here at Goldenzweig Law Group, PPLC today to discuss the details of your case. Give us a call at (713) 609-1930 or fill out the online contact form.

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