Someone Crashed Into Me And Ran Away

Every car accident embodies an unpredictable process. Whether an accident results in minor injuries or catastrophic losses, there is predominantly nervousness and tension immediately after the collision. Texas sees daily car accidents, but even so, a frequent scenario that many fail to think about is when someone crashes and flees the scene. If someone crashes into you and leaves, do you and those around you know what to do?

Unfortunately, as previously mentioned, this scenario occurs almost daily on Texas roads. Statistics have proven the majority of offenders decide to run away after the collision. This action complicates the victim’s situation. We want you to know what to do if you or someone you know finds themselves involved in this kind of situation. As a result, we want to give you our recommendations and have listed imperative steps you should follow:

  1. Contact witnesses: One of, if not, the most critical step after suffering an accident is finding and contacting anyone who may have witnessed the accident. It is important to obtain the contact information of any witnesses in an attempt to find the truth behind your accident. When cases turn rather complicated, these witnesses and their testimonies play an important role. Testimonies can help you discover and provide crucial information such as the brand, model, and color of the runaway car. It is essential to note it is extremely helpful to find any law enforcement officer who can testify as a witness since their words have more credibility than those of a common citizen.
  2. Save information: Keep and save any record of the information provided by witnesses who were present during the accident and who are willing to testify for you.
  3. Inspect the surroundings: Examine the place and surrounding where the accident took place. Focus on searching for any security cameras that could have registered the moment of impact. Video recordings from security cameras serve as evidence.
  4. Collect evidence: It is important to properly document the damage that has occurred. Try to document the damage to you, your vehicle, or property involved in the accident by taking pictures and recording videos. The amount of compensation an individual obtains after an accident depends on how disastrous the damages and or injuries are. Remember, when seeking compensation, hiring a lawyer is vital. Remember to compile evidence to successfully support your suit.
  5. Contact your lawyer: It is important to call your lawyer immediately after the collision or as soon as possible. By doing so, your lawyer can record the conversation and collect information about the events immediately after the accident. In the event a confrontation breaks, your lawyer will be able to use the recordings as additional evidence which is beneficial for you.

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