After being involved in an accident, it is imperative to have a lawyer by your side. Countless accidents occur everyday. Even so, many individuals do not know what to do when they see themselves involved in an accident. Throughout our years of representing accident victims, we have met with a significant amount of individuals who were not aware of their rights and therefore fail to take the proper steps. As a result, we want to better explain and answer one of the very first questions the involved parties think of: Why should I hire a  personal injury lawyer.

  1. Unjust Compensation Offers: One of the main reason you need a personal injury attorney is because insurance companies dedicate their entire existence to minimizing the amount of money they pay you for your claim. Insurance companies spend a lot of money each year to try and minimize the overall amount of money they are paying out on claims. So what that means is that they got a lot of techniques, arguments, book with statistics to back up the numbers they give you. Insurance companies will approach you and use the previously mentioned instruments to persuade you to settle for certain amounts.
  2. Negotiation And Compensation Maximization: By having an experience lawyer by your side, you can maximize your claim as there could be important damages you might oversee. A personal injury lawyer can help you better negotiate your claim with the involved parties and insurance companies. The compensation amounts you are originally offered may appear to be a good compensation but they tend to be significantly less than the what you truly deserve. A personal injury lawyer will quickly notice the unfair deal and fight for what you deserve.
  3. Professional Defense: Since the insurance company will approach you with their statistics and lower compensation amounts, you need to know how to properly argue back with the insurance companies. In order to maximize the value of your claim, you need a trustworthy lawyer by your side. With the help of an experience legal defense you can get the most amount of money for your claim.

When involved in an accident, you should consult and seek help as soon as possible instead of waiting for your insurance company. Unlike a personal injury lawyer who will do their best to help you, an insurance company will attempt to give you a compensation significantly smaller than what you deserve.

The Goldenzweig Law Group, PLLC team is here to defend your and your rights. Contact lawyers Erick Pines and Stephen Goldenzweig by calling 713-766-0000. Spanish assistance is available. You can also access the website for additional information.

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Stephen Goldenzweig is a highly experienced trial lawyer and compassionate advocate who has built his career on protecting the rights of everyday people.

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