While careless drivers cause many car accidents, poorly maintained or otherwise hazardous roads could also contribute to a crash. Potholes, poorly designed roads, inclement weather, or roadway hazards put drivers and passengers at risk of injury. 

Here, we’ll discuss how poor road conditions can cause accidents and which roads to avoid if you drive in Houston. 

Can Poor Road Conditions Cause An Accident?

Poor road conditions can and do cause serious injury accidents. A slick road surface can cause a driver to lose control, while poor visibility due to a blind turn can make it difficult for drivers to see other nearby vehicles. 

For example, the Texas Department of Transportation reports that while the vast majority of car accidents in one recent year occurred on dry roads, there were also nearly 66,000 crashes that occurred on wet roads. The Texas DOT also reported more than 3,000 accidents in one recent year where impaired visibility was a factor in the crash.

Types Of Conditions That Could Cause A Crash

Some of the types of poor conditions that can cause a car accident include:

  • Potholes — If a large chunk of a road has worn away, a tire can blow out as a car passes over the pothole, causing the driver to lose control and crash. Even if there is no tire blowout, the jolt from driving over a pothole can cause drivers to lose control of their vehicles and crash.
  • Rain, snow, and ice — Wet or icy roads are a serious safety hazard for drivers because they make it harder for vehicles to stop and slow down, especially if drivers do not adjust their driving behavior. Additionally, cars can hydroplane on a wet road, making it difficult for the driver to control the vehicle.
  • Oil and chemical spills — Oil and other chemicals that spill onto a road can have a similar effect as rain or ice, causing drivers to lose control.
  • Construction zones — Drivers passing through construction zones may have to contend with narrower lanes, missing shoulders, construction vehicles and equipment, and other safety hazards.

Who Could Be Liable For A Crash Due To Bad Roads In Houston?

Whoever owns a road in Texas is responsible for maintaining it, meaning they are the ones who could be held liable if an accident occurs due to poor road conditions. Typically, road maintenance is handled by city, county, or state governments, though the federal government or private parties maintain some roads. 

Suing a government agency will often have specific notice requirements, and you must take action promptly. 

If another party caused the road defect or hazard, they could be liable for your injuries and other losses if an accident occurs. Another driver could be liable as well if they failed to slow down or take other precautions to account for the road hazard. 

Bad Roads To Avoid In Houston

According to the Houston Chronicle, some roads in Houston that are well known for being particularly dangerous include:

  • Westheimer Road
  • Bellaire Boulevard
  • Beechnut Street
  • West Little York Road
  • Bisonette Street
  • Main Street
  • Fry Road
  • Veterans Memorial Drive
  • Kuykendhal Road
  • Louttea Road
  • Clay Road
  • Fondren Road
  • Garth Road
  • Antoine Drive
  • North Shepherd Drive
  • Hillcroft Avenue
  • West Tidwell Road 
  • Airline Drive
  • South Post Oak Road
  • Cullen Boulevard 

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